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Tropical Oils & Incense will have you and your home smelling and feeling like a five-star spa or a field of fresh flowers. We carry scents from Christmas Cookie to Fresh Linen and everything in between.All of our Fragrance Oils are made with absolutely no alcohol or any chemical products. We use only a Grape Seed Oil base.This means they will hold their scent in your Aroma Lamps for 72 hours plus! We guarantee it!  If anything is to strong for you, please feel free to add a little water to your dish. To add these scents to your home, one of our beautiful Aroma Lamps will do the trick, while creating a lovely ambiance. Our Fragrance Oils are all cosmetic grade as well. If you want to smell like Coco Mango you can put it directly on your skin.
 Our Fragrance Oils are a much better choice over any melts out there. We know the quality we put into them and they will hold their scent a full week sometimes!

Looking for designer scents to wear at a fraction of the price? We probably carry what you’re wearing right now. All of our Perfume Oils are Grape Seed Oil base so they are nourishing on your skin. They will last until you decide to wash them off.. They are not oily and provide moisture to the skin unlike an alcohol base perfume which can dry out your skin.

We are also known for our amazing Essential Oils. Essential Oils are naturally derived from leaves, flowers, stems and other elements of a plant or fruit. They are used for many reasons, but the most popular is Aromatherapy. Such as Lavender Oil is great for bug bites, itching, nail and feet fungus, scarring and the most popular...a good nights sleep. Great for your yoga class as well! You will find a list of all our Essential Oils under the Oils category page.
 We also carry incense hand dipped in oils for 48 hours and unique incense burners.
Our company sells various aspects of home decor: from fragrance oils for the home and body,  to Dan's antique-reproduction furniture. If you have a special piece of furniture in mind, Dan will make a customized piece, just for you!

If you’re looking to add a little spice, tranquility, or just something new to your home….you have found the right place. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Come visit us, ( Please check out our Purchase Locations for day, time & location) or call us at 561-277-9756 or e-mail us at tropicaloilsandincense@gmail.com ! We can help you find the specific Fragrance Oil for your home, or body scented oil just for you.